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    2. Consultations on the Allocation and Administration of Tariff Rate Quotas for Dairy, Poultry and Egg Products

      February 28, 2020 – Global Affairs Canada is conducting public consultation on a comprehensive review on the allocations and administration of tariff rate quotas for dairy, poultry and egg products. The objective of the comprehensive review is to create long-term policies to ensure the continued efficiency and effectiveness of Canada’s tariff rate quotas (TRQs). Global Affairs has developed new policy options for the second phase of these consultations.

      The policy options on Comprehensive Review of the Allocation and Administration of TRQs for Dairy, Poultry and Egg Products – Phase II is documented:

      Your feedback and comments to submit is open till April 3, 2020 when the consultation will close.

      Background information on Canada’s TRQ policies can be viewed here.

      Please provide your comments directly to the department, either as an individual or on behalf of an organization to: TRQConsultation.ConsultationCT@international.gc.ca.

      Contact information

      Supply-Managed Trade Controls Division
      Global Affairs Canada
      111 Sussex Drive,
      Ottawa ON K1A 0G2

      E-mail: TRQConsultation.ConsultationCT@international.gc.ca