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    2. CBSA Initiation of Normal Value Review – Concrete Reinforcing Bar 2

      March 2, 2020 – The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) announced on February 25, 2020, the initiation of a normal value and export price review respecting certain Concrete Reinforcing Bar (rebar) exported to Canada from Spain by Nervacero, S.A. (Nervacero).

      Further product details as well as the applicable tariff classification numbers of the subject goods are contained in Appendix 1 of the Notice of Normal Value Review.

      If the exporter (Nervacero) decides to participate in the normal value review, they are required to provide a complete and accurate response to the CBSA’s Request for Information (RFI) by April 2, 2020.

      Should the exporter not provide a complete response to the RFI by the deadline date, any previous normal values issued to the exporter will be immediately revoked.

      Any questions concerning the above should be directed to:

      Robert Wright: 613-954-1643

      Paul Pomnikow: 613-952-7547

      Or by Email to: simaregistry-depotlmsi@cbsa-asfc.gc.ca

      The CBSA Notice of Initiation of Normal Value Review containing additional details is found on CBSA’s website.

      Please contact your Livingston account representative should you have any questions.